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my workaholic side

my workaholic side

36x48 acrylic on canvas

3rd in my series " A step in my shoes"

It's no doubt I'm a workaholic, I work basically 7 days a week and because of that I can feel like I'm being buried alive. Feel like I'm burning through money with all the projects I cook up, all the investments I've made that didn't pan out. It's true what they say, mo money mo problems. But through all the struggle and shit comes the most reward. Out of all the pieces in this series this one has the most flowers symbolizing the fruits of my labor. Ive traveled all over, met so many interesting people and made great friends. The food I've tried makes me do stupid happy dances. I've seen nature so beautiful it looks like a postcard. Most importantly I have learned to love myself on such a deep level because that is something I've never really been good at before. So if you asked me if it's worth it I would smile and say....Hell yea

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