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my confident side

my confident side

36x48 acrylic on canvas

I bought these on one of the first nice summer weeks of 2022 Its safe to say I was feeling myself in the moment and I have never worn them since. And for me that is right there why I think it's my confident side embodiment in a shoe. I've been called humble by some but in all actuality I'm just nervous. I'm nervous I'm not good enough, not quite clever enough or just too awkward. On the rare occasion my confident side decides to show up I wear it like a badge and then at the end of the day behind close doors I feel guilty about it, or I tell myself people were laughing at me behind my back. Cuz let's face it Zach these shoes are too big for you. That's why these are my confident side shoes, because it feels I've only had a chance to wear them once, a really long time ago

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