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my ambitious side

my ambitious side

36x48 acrylic on canvas

almost named this one my fearful side, I say this because if I really think about it I'm not sure if I work my ass off in fear of failing, or if it is actual hunger and drive. I'm usually an optimist so I'm going to say the latter. I was given these boots as a gift, which is fitting because I look at my work ethic and drive as one of my greatest gifts. It has given me the opportunity to travel all over the world. It has brought me the food on my plate, and has given me the opportunity to help many other people along the way. I wear these the most in my closet and it is fitting to be representing my ambition because anyone who knows me knows I am always working on the next thing, always cooking up the next idea or project. And just like these boots Im Literally ALWAYS covered in paint. These boots are rough around the edges, yet comfortable, for me they are hip hop, in your face without caring what you think, they are supportive and reliable. And they are always ready to strap up and get shit done. When I personally look at these boots I think "hunger" and "if you mess with me or mine your gonna get this steel toe to the gut."

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